Tram in New Centre

We have presented what we believe is the optimal route for the new tram in the New Centre area to the public and the residents of Bratislava. The area covers the streets of Pribinova, Chalupkova, Cvernovka, Klingerka, and Nové Nivy and it contains (or will soon contain) many multi-functional buildings, apartment buildings, shopping centres, the Slovak National Theatre, and the bus station. There will be many traffic needs to be met in this area, as it is anticipated that up to two hundred thousand people – residents, employees and visitors – will be commuting here. The biggest issue of the area is its connection to other parts of Bratislava and the area will see heavy traffic on its access roads and roads.

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záber na nočné mesto s električkou
fotka električky a záhonu kvetov

Modernisation of the Ružinov Radial Line

Thanks to the modernisation we will increase the capacity of tram transportation in the city and prevent the line deteriorating to a catastrophic condition resulting in the need for its closure. After completion of the modernisation, the tram will run faster, be better and safer. The modernisation also includes revitalisation of the surroundings of the line, which will be appreciated by the public, as well as by cyclists and pedestrians. The modernisation will include the neighbouring roads, pavements, bus stops, and establish new cyclepaths. Surrounding public spaces will also undergo renovation. We will plant new greenery and green strips and alleys.

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Petržalka Tram Line

The prolongation of the current tram line ending at Jungmannova stop all the way to Janíkov dvor is one of the largest transportation projects in Bratislava in recent years. This major change in the public transportation system will introduce 3.9 km of new tram line, increasing the capacity of public transportation across Petržalka and efficiently connecting Slovakia’s largest housing estate with the city centre. After many years of project preparation and the process of public tender, on 18 November 2021, we handed over the construction site to the contractor, thereby commencing construction of the new line.

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Vizualizácia petržalskej električky
Fotka - nový trojčlánkový trolejbus

Trolleybus Tracks

The Bratislava Transport Company (Dopravný podnik Bratislava) plans to replace some bus lines with ecological trolleybuses, which will also strengthen the capacity and serviceability of some parts of the city. As a project partner, Bratislava Transport Company will finance the design work from European Union funds from the Operational Program Integrated Infrastructure (OPII).

More information about specific projects: Trolleybus Track Train Station - Patrónka - Riviera Trolleybus Tracks Bus station - New National Theatre and Bulharská - Galvaniho Trolleybus Track Trenčianska - Hraničná