Enlargement of Harmincova Street

This busy street is one of the main access points to and from Dúbravka and connects with the city bypass. Its enlargement from the current two-lane road to a four-lane highway will lead to smoother traffic and improved conditions for public transport. It will also relieve part of Lamačská Road in the direction of Lamač and Záhorská Bystrica. The project includes extension of the stretch from the intersection with M. Sch. Trnavského street to the intersection with Polianky Street, where it will connect with the four-lane highway already in existence.

The construction will be in three stages. The contractor has twelve months to complete the lanes and reconstruction of more than half a kilometre of the existing road. The construction is designed to be as little traffic-restrictive as possible. Residents will experience the greatest number of temporary restrictions during the first phase, when two new lanes will be constructed. This phase will be carried out with traffic on the existing road restricted to a speed of 30 km/h.

The second stage includes the reconstruction of the existing Harmincova road throughout its length, including the completion and modification of storm drains and the completion of road traffic lights. Traffic will be redirected in both directions to the lanes already constructed. The works at this stage will be carried out without further traffic restrictions.

The third stage concerns works related to horizontal road markings and completion of the island at the Polianky intersection; these works will not require traffic modification, except for short-term closures during weekends or evening hours. As part of the reconstruction, new traffic lights and public lighting will be installed, public transport stops will be modernised and conditions for pedestrians will be enhanced by increasing safety at pedestrian crossings.

Time plan

September 2022 – commencement of work on stage 1:

  • Establishment of construction site between Húščavová Street and Ľ. Zúbka Street
  • entry from Harmincova Street to Lipského Street will be temporarily closed (from October 2022) public transport stops in both directions will be temporarily moved to the beginning of Harmincova street, to the intersection with M. Sch. Trnavského
  • footbridges and detour routes will be created for pedestrians, which will be marked
  • traffic will be maintained in both directions, lanes will be narrowed and speed restricted to 30 km/h.
MicrosoftTeams-image (155).png

Drawing of Harmincova Street extension (retrieved from: ITB Development)