Transport Projects

Modernisation of the Ružinov Radial Line

In order to increase the quality of public transportation in Bratislava, the capital has started a systemic modernisation of the Ružinov radial line, which is crucial in order to increase the capacity of tram transportation in the city. Thanks to the modernisation, we will prevent the line deteriorating to a catastrophic condition resulting in the need for its closure.
After completion of the modernisation, the tram will run faster, be better and safer. The modernisation also includes revitalisation of the surroundings of the line, which will be appreciated by the public, as well as by cyclists and pedestrians. The modernisation will include the neighbouring roads, pavements, bus stops, and establish new cyclepaths. Surrounding public spaces will also undergo renovation. We will plant new greenery and green strips and alleys.
The modernisation will also benefit the public transportation passengers, as the road will be less congested due to drivers preferring to use the tram, and more accessible thanks to the integrated tram/bus stops. Passengers will be able to change trams or buses more speedily and conveniently. The modernisation of the most difficult parts of the line will be planned for summer in order to minimise the impact on traffic in the city.

Planned modernisation phase

1st phase – section from the crossroads of Líščie nivy/Ružinovská streets to Čmelíkova Street
2nd phase – section from the crossroads of Vazovova/Krížna streets (with continued tram operation towards the city centre) to the crossroads of Legionárska/Krížna streets
3rd phase – section from the turn-off to Floriánske námestie square (excluding the square) to the triangle crossroads of Vazovova/Krížna streets
4th phase – section from the beginning of the construction site at Špitálska Street to the turn-off to Floriánske námestie square (including the square)
Návrh - modernizácia električkových tratí - Ružinovská radiála