Modernisation of the Ružinov Radial Line

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Name and Registered Office of Beneficiary Bratislava, Capital City of the Slovak Republic, Primaciálne námestie 1, 814 99 Bratislava

Project name Modernisation of tram lines - Ružinov radial route, project documentation

Project Location Urbanised area of Bratislava, Bratislava I, Bratislava II and Bratislava III city districts, predominantly in the Staré Mesto and Ružinov city districts

Amount of Non-repayable Grant up to 767 850 EUR s DPH

Length of Modernised Section 4 988 m double track

Project Description The project aims to develop project documentation for the future construction/modernisation of the tram line - Ružinov radial route.

Within the context of improving the quality of public transport in Bratislava, the city adopts a systematic approach to the modernisation of tram lines on the Ružinov radial route. This modernisation will prevent a breakdown of the tramway which could lead to its shutdown.

Once the modernisation is complete, the new line will be faster, of higher quality, and safer to drive on. The modernisation will also include revitalisation of the area adjacent to the line, which will be of benefit not only to passengers, but also to pedestrians and cyclists. The new line will have upgraded adjacent roads, pavements, bus stops and new cycle routes. The surrounding public spaces will also be revitalised, incorporating greenery in the form of green belts or tree plantations.

The modernisation will represent several benefits for public transport passengers - the section will be faster thanks to public transport preference and more accessible thanks to integrated public transport stops. Transferring between different modes of public transport will be faster and more convenient. The modernisation of the most demanding parts of the section will be scheduled for the summer holidays, in order to eliminate the impact on traffic.

Planned modernisation stages

Schéma - Ružinovská radiála

Section RR 01 Špitálska-Legionárska

  • Stage from start of the construction on Špitálska Street to the turn-off to Floriánské nám. (including) (km 0,000 – 0,330)
  • Stage from the turn-off to Floriánske nám. (excluding) to the reversing triangle Vazovova/Krížna (km 0,330 – 0,570)
  • Stage from the Vazovova/Krížna intersection (keeping tram traffic in the direction of the centre) to the crossroads Legionárska/Krížna (km 0,570 – 0,920)

Section RR 02 Legionárska-Líščie nivy

  • Stage from the Legionárska/Krížna intersection to the Líščie nivy/Ružinovská intersection (km 0,920 - 2,500), without entailing any changes to the already modernised tram superstructure and substructure

Section RR 03 Líščie nivy-Čmelíkova

  • Stage from the intersection Líščie nivy/Ružinovská to the end of the construction at ul. Čmelíkova (km 2,500 - 4,990) including construction of the new Astronomická Meniarnia

Objective of the Modernisation

Modification of basic parameters

  • increased transport speed
  • reduced noise and vibration
  • improved quality of service in the area
  • higher quality of tram operation

Improved operation of the tramway line

  • amelioration of technical condition of the track
  • increased safety of tram transport
  • enhanced technical and traffic parameters of the tram line
  • application of new regulations and technical standards
  • creating a quality urban environment around the tram line

Sections of the radial route affected by modernisation of the tram line

  • Americké námestie – intersection Legionárska/Karadžičova ulica
  • Intersection Legionárska/Karadžičova ulica –Líščie nivy bus stop (modernisation of the Saleziáni and Líščie nivy stops with addition of information system at respective stops as well as at the Trnavské mýto stop, modernisation of the control and heating system of the switches at the Trnavské mýto stop and replacement of old, inadequate masts)
  • Líščie nivy bus stop –Ružinovská/Čmelíkova ulica intersection

Benefits of the modernisation

  • faster passenger transport
  • more comfortable travel
  • saving travel time
  • reduction to transfer times by merging tram and bus stops
  • unification of design elements - reduction and streamlining of number of masts
  • preference for public transport
  • wheelchair access to all stops and adjustment of stops for cyclists
  • increase in comfort of boarding low-floor trams
  • improvement of public space - optimisation of pedestrian and cycle routes
  • creation of new cycle routes
  • adaptation of pavements and illuminated pedestrian crossings
  • enhanced safety for passengers by creating shared stops
  • creation of a special crossing at the exit level of Ružinov Hospital, which will be used for the entry and exit of emergency medical service vehicles
  • increasing the share of public and rail transport
  • reduction of risk of congestion and of accidents in traffic
  • reduction of noise and vibration for passengers and surrounding area
  • reduction of air pollution and local emissions
  • reducing negative impacts from transport on the local and global environment
  • reduction of vehicle operating costs

This project is co-financed by the Operational Programme Integrated Infrastructure.

Information on the Operational Programme Integrated Infrastructure 2014-2020 can be found at ↗︎. Governing body of the Operational Programme Integrated Infrastructure: ↗︎. Central Coordination Body: ↗︎