Bratislava's street lighting consists of more than 48,500 light points. Lighting is provided for 4,100 hours a year, with the aim of ensuring the possibility of using public space in the evening and night hours, as well as higher traffic safety in the city and also the protection of people's property.

The intention of the capital city was also to carry out a comprehensive renewal of public lighting in the city in order to increase the energy efficiency of the equipment and reduce the failure rate of the equipment. For these purposes, the joint-stock company Techniké siete Bratislava (TSB) was founded, with the capital city being the sole shareholder of this company. The goal of TSB is to provide the operation of public lighting, as well as the comprehensive modernization of public lighting by using energy-efficient LED technology - these measures, combined with the introduction of an advanced lighting control system, will bring savings to the city of more than 60% of electricity consumption for public lighting.

The administrator of public lighting in Bratislava is the municipal enterprise Techniké siete Bratislava, a.s. The basic tasks of the public lighting administrator include the management of ensuring the operation and maintenance of public lighting, modernization, reconstruction and new construction of public lighting, records and property management (public lighting equipment). The public lighting administrator also provides opinions on activities that have an impact on public lighting equipment (e.g. construction activity, installation of equipment on public lighting poles, etc.)


Technické siete Bratislava