Public Lighting


To make it easier for you to find your way around public lighting complaints, here are the different categories of complaints:
    Lighting failures Lighting faults that can be repaired as part of routine maintenance:
      One lamp does not work
      Several lamps do not work
      The whole site does not work
    Lighting breakdowns Lighting faults that pose an immediate safety hazard:
      Damaged post (e.g. post leaning following a traffic accident)
      Damaged lamp (e.g. hanging, broken)
      Damaged power system (e.g. hanging/protruding cable)
    Missing or inadequate lighting Lighting faults requiring more complex intervention:
      Missing lighting (e.g. if there is no lighting system in a given location, it needs to be installed)
      Over-bright lighting (e.g. if the lighting shines strongly into the windows, a different type should be used)
      Collision with greenery (e.g. if tree branches grow over the lighting, it is necessary to trim the greenery or relocate the lighting)

Where to report your complaints and time taken to resolve them