Information for Designers and Builders

What is the standard procedure for construction activities?

  1. Verification of the existence of utilities under the Capital City BA management in the area of interest – Utilities CCBA plot.
  2. In the event of the existence of U CCBA in the area of interest, it is necessary to comply with the standard conditions and to obtain the approval of the Public Lighting Administrator.
  3. In cases of intervention in the existing Public Lighting network (e.g. relocation of a Public Lighting post) or construction of a new part of the Public Lighting , which will be handed over to the ownership and management of the Capital City BA, it is necessary to consult the technical details, or the project documentation in progress, with the Public Lighting administrator, who will subsequently issue an approval of the Public Lighting administrator.
  4. Prior to implementation of the construction activity, it is necessary to perform demarcation of the Public Lighting networks in the field. Demarcation can only be carried out by the Public Lighting administrator or an entity authorised by them. The basis for the demarcation of the Public Lighting networks in the field by an expert worker is the plot of the U CCBA.

What are the general principles for interventions in the lighting network?

  • the scope should always be consulted with the Public Lighting Administrator.
  • the action should be implemented in such a way that the uniform character of the lighting system in the given area is not disturbed by the induced point intervention (e.g. induced relocation of one light point without using the same type of elements - posts, booms, luminaires).
  • in the case of sites with a double-sided lighting system, where the modifications affect only one side of the Public Lighting system, it is not possible to use LED technology on the affected side and leave the opposite side without action.
  • It is necessary to unify the lighting system throughout the entire street profile using a single technology.
  • When individual Public Lighting masts need to be relocated, it is not feasible to use cable couplers; all the affected cable fields must be replaced.

Public lighting principles and standards ↗︎

What requirements do you need in the Public Lighting project documentation?

If you want to implement an action in the public lighting network or build a new part of the public lighting network that will be handed over to the ownership and management of the Capital City BA, it is necessary to prepare and consult the project documentation prepared by a professionally competent person while in progress.

It should include at least:

  • Technical report with a description of the proposed technical solution and a construction organisation plan
  • Light-technical calculation including concurrent sections and collision sections. The determination of road classes is carried out in accordance with EN13201 with the participation of the Public Lighting Administrator
  • Situation plan with marking of the existing Public Lighting, or dismantling of the existing Public Lighting and the proposed Public Lighting
  • Sample cuts for cable laying, post foundations in accordance with lighting principles and standards ↗︎