Tourist buses

Overview of stops available for tourist buses, click on a specific stop on the map to show more information. The stops are divided into two categories:

  • Short stops: Short stop mode (IN/OUT) of the vehicle for a period of max. 10 to 15 minutes. It is intended for stopping the vehicle for the purpose of boarding and alighting passengers, or baggage unloading and loading.

  • Long stops: Long-term parking mode. Stopping the vehicle for a period according to the operating regulations of the given parking lot. It is intended for vehicle parking and longer stops while waiting for passengers. Passenger boarding and alighting can also be carried out at the places in question with a subsequent transfer to the city centre (on foot, using public transport).

Application for a permit for an emergency stop

Are you are a carrier or a travel agency/agency and you need due to unplanned or of unpredictable events (high or low water level, closure of the Gabčíkovo or Freudenau waterworks, closure of Danube navigation) use the IN/OUT Most SNP stop for tourist buses to service cabin boats and you have not been issued a permit to use the stop in question? Fill out the form below and request an emergency stop at the stop in question.

Submit the completed application below or send the required information in the application by email. After your application has been assessed, you will need to inform about the possibility of an extraordinary used item.

The form can be submitted in case of:

  • service of excursion/cabin boats will be ensured within the framework of the use of the stand
  • service of the cruise/cabin ship will be provided by bus or minibus (not special vehicles, etc.)
  • it is an extraordinary event or unplanned and unpredictable event
  • within the framework of the use of the stand, there will be no restrictions on the operation of public transport
  • stopping the vehicle is possible only in the area of ​​the stand intended for boarding/exiting. It is forbidden to stop and stand in the area of ​​a public transport stop.
  • a maximum of 2 vehicles can park in the stand area

The request must be sent to the e-mail address: [email protected]

Download application