Home care services are field social services provided either in the homes of clients or in their familiar social environment.

Pursuant to Section 41 of Act No. 448/2008 Coll. on social services, as amended.

Who are the services designed for?

Home care services are provided to individuals in need of help from others, with their dependency being at least Level 2 as defined under Annex 3 of the Act below, and who need help in maintaining themselves, taking care of their households, and with basic social activities under Annex 4 of Act No. 448/2008 Coll ↗︎ on social services, as amended.

Who provides the services?

The home care services are primarily provided to residents of Bratislava by their city districts (according to their permanent residence).


The home care services entail an assessment and decision on dependency which requires a form of care service, issued by the respective city district.

Alternative for individuals on the waiting list

Bratislava City Hall is able to provide home care services for individuals waiting to be accepted into social services facilities run by City Hall.

What do I need to order the services?

Applicants with their permanent residence in Bratislava interested in the home care services, and registered on the waiting lists detailed above, need to complete and sign the Home Care Services Application Form ↗︎, and file it in person with the filing office or mail it to:

Bratislava City Hall Section of Social Affairs Primaciálne nám. 1  814 99 Bratislava   

If the requisite conditions are met, the City of Bratislava will request the selected non-public provider to provide the citizen with the selected services.

Mandatory annexes to the home care services application form are:

  • copy of the effective decision on dependency which requires a form of care service issued by the respective Bratislava city district (in line with the permanent residence of the applicant); and
  • agreement on provision of social services concluded with a non-public provider of one’s own choice

Obstacles in respect of access to service

Care services cannot be provided to individuals:

  • who receive year-round social services in the form of a stay in a facility;
  • who are cared for by another person receiving monetary compensation for these services;
  • who receive an allowance for a personal assistant; or
  • who are ordered into quarantine due to suspected infection by a communicable disease and who actually have such a disease.

How much do the services cost?

The recipients of the social services pay for the care services as charged by the social services provider, in line with the agreement on provision of social services which they concluded.

The recipients of the social services are entitled to make their own choice of the provider of the care services.

Support for home carers

  1. Centrum Memory n. o. ↗︎ The target group of the Centre are those people with progressive degenerative diseases and their families – often acting in the role of unofficial family carers. The organisation operates a day-care centre for people with Alzheimer’s disease. It provides expert knowledge and supports patients with the disease and tries to mitigate its symptoms. It offers memory training sessions as a prevention for healthy (pre-)senior individuals, as well as training for carers from all over Slovakia.

  2. Mosty pomoci, o.z. ↗︎ This association supports individuals who act as carers for their family members. They offer education in caring, as well as in approaches to onset or progressive dementia. Their goal is to help clients understand the changing needs of their family members and help them feel they are not alone in these efforts.


You can contact the Department of Social Support for Seniors and Handicapped Citizens of the Section of Social Affairs.