Sub-programme 4

Sub-programme 4 grant to Support of Investments in Sports Infrastructure in Bratislava

Deadline for application submission: 23.12.2020 – 1.3.2021 noon

Aims of the Sub-program 4 grant

Support for activities carried out in the public interest through the investment of funds in sports infrastructure, resulting in the provision of relaxation zones and a place for carrying out sporting activities for the residents of the city.

The amount of subsidy

    The minimum amount of the subsidy grant proposal per applicant in one financial year per approved project is 10,000€
    The maximum amount of the subsidy grant proposal per applicant in one financial year for all approved projects cannot exceed 150,000€
How to apply for the grant?
Fill the application in the electronic system.
Attach all mandatory attachments. Including a scanned copy of the signed affidavit.
Check the correctness and completeness of the given data. (E.g. exact naming of the applicant's name without using abbreviations, correctness of the specified account number, correctness of the specified contact data, etc.)
Send it through the electronic system.
    The printed version of electronically submitted application together with the affidavit, the original, is submitted only if the project is successful, upon signing of the contract.
    Where the applicant makes an application for the first time, they also need to submit copies of all other compulsory appendices upon signing of the contract;
    If there are any changes in already submitted appendices for year 2020 e.g., in the company charter or statutes, bank details, appointments of statutory representatives, etc., the applicant needs to submit the copies confirming these changes at the time of signing of the contract at the offices of the programme sponsors: Oddelenie školstva, športu a mládeže, Magistrát hl. mesta SR Bratislavy, Primaciálne námestie 1, 814 99 Bratislava – in the bottom left-hand corner mark the envelope "GP - Sub-programme 4".

Important information and recommendations

The application form must be submitted electronically before it can be printed in the PRINT VERSION. All mandatory documents are submitted in print only AFTER the project is successful and at the time of signing the contract.
We can only accept applications submitted electronically via the e-system no later than at the noon of the specified deadline.


Mgr. Jozef Špaček
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