City Gallery (GMB) was established in 1961 as an independent cultural organisation of the capital of the Slovak Republic.

City Gallery is building a systemic collection as part of the cultural heritage of the city of Bratislava. Today, it manages more than 35,000 collection items documenting the development of fine arts in Slovakia since Gothic times. Items of old central-European arts also figure in the GMB collection.

A specialised team from the Gallery is seeking out new ways to connect its work with other areas and present the importance of art to a wider audience.

City Gallery is opening its spaces to more and more people, looking to create an accessible, friendly and inspirational environment for the public, as well as for local artists, local communities, and residents with special needs.

City Gallery also provides programmes for public spaces and has introduced activities designed to save, administer and install fine art exhibitions in the exterior of the Bratislava City Districts. It also offers various activities in gallery pedagogy and issues many publications.

Barrier-free arts in public space and protection of the Pálffy’s Palace. Some projects are being prepared offering participation opportunities for private sponsors and socially responsible companies.

Donors can participate:

Department of Program Planning and Cooperation

Contact person for sponsors and CSR partnership: Andrej Salner, MSc.