Integrated Transport System

What is an integrated transport system?

One of our goals was to make public transport and its services more attractive, and to make it easier for people to travel in and navigate the transport system.
That is why public transport in Bratislava and the surrounding area has been merged into the Integrated Transport System in the Bratislava Region (IDS BK).
This system includes the tram, trolleybus and bus lines of Dopravný podnik Bratislava (the Bratislava Transport Company), regional bus lines and selected train lines – which all carry passengers according to common transport and tariff conditions.

The benefits of IDS BK for passengers:

    the continuity of lines
    the transparency of the transport system
    uniform transport and tariff conditions
    a uniform information system (vehicle identification and online information)
    guaranteeing the quality of the transport services provided
IDS BK is managed by Bratislavská integrovaná doprava, a.s.. The system is provided by three partners, the Ministry of Transport, Bratislava self-governing region and the City of Bratislava. Transport providers included in the system are Bratislava Transport Company, National rail and Arriva Mobility Solutions.
For more information about IDS BK, timetables, zones, maps, charts and tickets, please visit