Administration of Physical Education and Recreational Facilities (STaRZ)

STaRZ is the Administration of Physical Education and Recreational Facilities of Bratislava. It creates opportunities for:
    development of interest in physical education, sports, and recreational activities
    increasing physical and psychological resilience and healthy way of living for residents and visitors of Bratislava
STaRZ was established on the 1.1.1979 as a budget municipal organisation. With effect from 1.1.2007, STaRZ became a contributory organisation.
Fotka - Zimný štadión Ondreja Nepelu

As part of its mission, it particularly fulfils the following tasks:

    manages and ensures the operation of urban physical, recreational and sports facilities and buildings,
    organises sporting and sport-cultural events,
    ensures the provision of physical education services in managed physical education and sports facilities,
    ensures the use of physical education, recreational and sports facilities for sporting activities on the short-term rental basis,
    performs the administration and maintenance of the main cycling routes within the territory of the city.


    Zimný štadión Ondreja Nepelu (Ondrej Nepela Arena)
    Zimný štadión Harmincova (Winter stadium)
    Plaváreň Pasienky (Pasielnky Swimming pool)
    Posilňovňa Pasienky (Pasienky Gym)
    Fit STARZ - Tehelné pole (Fitness Center)
    Sauna Neptún
    Sauna Rosnička
    Sauna Delfín
    Areál zdravia Zlaté Piesky (Zlaté Piesky Health complex)
    Letné kúpaliská - Rosnička, Lamač, tehelné pole, Delfín, Krasňany, Rača (Outdoor swimming pools)
Fotka - Starz, beh
The StaRZ, can be contacted directly for more information about the sporting opportunities at the municipal sports grounds and about sporting events organized by StaRZ, via e-mail or by phone.


Address: Správa telovýchovných a rekreačných zariadení hlavného mesta Slovenskej republiky Bratislavy Junácka 4, 831 04 Bratislava
+421 2 44 373 477