The Municipal Monument Preservation Institute

In 1968 the Municipal Administration of Monument Care and Nature Conservation Office was established as the sole monument preservation organisation under the administration of the city across the whole territory of Slovakia. In 1992 the organisation was transformed into the Municipal Monument Preservation Institute (Mestský ústav ochrany pamiatok - MÚOP), which currently provides:

  • professional assistance, record-keeping, information-processing, documents and suggestions in terms of the monument preservation, monument reserve and monument zones,
  • exploration, protection and presentation of the cultural historical and aesthetic values of Bratislava,
  • preparation of research analyses, expertise, city regulations
  • development and assessment of the relevant expert documents for creating the spatial plan of the city in all its stages, especially the cultural historical topography of the territory in relation to its archaeological, urban-architectural, artistic-historical and ethnographic contexts,
  • cultural and educational activities in the fields of research, exploration and restoration of monuments, protection of the cultural-historical and aesthetic values of Bratislava via publications, articles, exhibitions, lectures and discussions with citizens and the professional public.

The MÚOP is a key organisation providing professional supervision over the reconstruction of monuments in Bratislava. It has been involved in reconstructions from the outset when, at the request of investors, it prepares expert documentation relating to the restoration of monuments in monument zones and areas of preservation interest.



Mestský ústav ochrany pamiatok Uršulínska 9 811 02 Bratislava


PhDr. Ivo Štassel