Bratislava Cultural and Information Centre

Bratislava Cultural and Information Centre (BKIS) provides various forms of support for cultural and public life activities throughout the city of Bratislava.

It helps to create favourable conditions for the cultural and community activities of citizens, as well as the relationship of residents and visitors to the city and its districts, with the aim of developing the quality of life in Bratislava.

  • Providing the possibility of non-financial support and cooperation in the form of necessary services, technical and material equipment, or effective communication through an open call
  • Organising its own events, a series of walks and the podcast Rande s mestom (Rendezvous with the City); it also runs a Tourism Guide course with accreditation from the Ministry of Culture of the Slovak Republic, which was created more than 60 years ago and is unique in its specialisation on Bratislava
  • Providing dramaturgy for the Culture Summer festival
  • Coordinating the preparation and implementation of the Bratislava City Days in cooperation with the Capital of Bratislava
  • Preparing Christmas in Bratislava
  • Managing the objects assigned by the Bratislava City Authority:
    • Klarisky concert-exhibition hall
    • City Theatre - DPOH ↗︎ (managed since 2010)
    • the building of the former Zora cinema on Trnávka (from March 2021) - BKIS will secure the revitalisation of the building and, in cooperation with the City Office, will devise a concept for functioning of the space so that it provides tangible support to citizens with an emphasis on its community character

Bratislava Cultural and Information Centre was established by a resolution of the Bratislava City Authority on 20.11.2003 and created by merging the contributory organisations of the Municipal Cultural Centre, Bratislava Information Service and the Park of Culture and Leisure.


Filling office: Monday – Friday, 9:00 - 15:00

Registered office and billing address: Židovská 1 815 15 Bratislava

Address for personal contact and postal address: Hviezdoslavovo námestie 20 815 15 Bratislava

Other contacts

Katarína Hulíková
Viktória Mračková
Requests for cooperation and rental of premises
Žofia Gulášová
Requests for cooperation and rental of premises