Events Organised by the City

Bratislava City Days

For the last eighteen years, April in Bratislava has been dedicated to the Bratislava City Days – an event with a rich programme for all. The tradition of opening the city to residents and visitors on St George's Day is related to the history of the city. According to the city privileges, from the thirteenth century the townspeople of old Bratislava (Pressburg) could freely elect their own town leaders and representatives on 24 April. At that time in Europe, this unique municipal privilege was associated with celebrations and informal meetings between city hall representatives and residents. Since 2003, Bratislava's local government has been inspired by this municipal tradition and has regularly held a citywide event around 24 April called Bratislava City Days (previously Bratislava for All).
For almost two decades now, the people of Bratislava have been able to uncover interesting nooks and crannies in the city streets and buildings.
This weekend full of experiences opens every year with the symbolic unsealing of the gates with a historical procession attended by the mayor. It continues with the opening of the Primate's Palace to the public, discussions with the mayor and the opening of the premises of many city organisations which can present their work and activities. There is also a rich cultural programme. Before the COVID-19 pandemic, this popular event was attended by hundreds of thousands of people. It was not held in 2020 due to the pandemic, but in 2021, and despite the ongoing challenging situation, the Cultural Summer was held, bringing a number of smaller formats to various public spaces and locations within participating city districts.
Bratislava City Days are organised by the Bratislava Cultural and Information Centre (BKIS) in cooperation with the city.

Cultural Summer

The Cultural Summer is the largest city festival and an indispensable part of Bratislava summer festivities. It has already celebrated forty-six years of existence. Its aim is to present Bratislava as a modern city that is intensely vibrant with culture. Through the BKIS, the city presents high-quality and sustainable projects on a number of smaller stages while taking into account the safety of the audience. The multi-genre programme appeals to all ages, while encouraging visitors to explore the whole city. The programme is not only centred in the historic city centre but also takes in less conventional places, newly discovered public spaces and areas in the city districts. Within the festival, the BKIS offers an important platform to support civic activities, communities and key cultural projects that have long been tied to the city. In addition to cooperation and non-financial support for projects, the BKIS also prepares its own events in various venues. Festival activities take place in the streets, parks, gardens, courtyards, on the banks of the Danube, on the city walls and in the city districts to delight those of all ages and fans of all sorts of genres.
Regular festival events include the Knights at Devín Castle, the International J. K. Mertz Guitar Festival, the Cathedral Organ Festival, the Summer Shakespeare Festivities, the Bratislava Theatre Nights, and the Travellers’ Cinema – which in recent years have been supplemented by many community events, children's programmes, chamber concerts, social games, markets, discussions and exhibitions. The city also uses Janko Kráľ Park – which is the oldest public park in central Europe – where a new Cultural Stage has been created consisting of a monolith from the Summer Shakespeare Festivities' production of Othello. The sculptor of this monumental piece resembling an iron block is Pavol Andraško. It is located near the Bridge of the Slovak National Uprising in the amphitheatre area. The scene has become a natural oasis on hot summer days and attracts visitors on bicycles and scooters as well as those with strollers and their four-legged pets.
Kultúrne leto na hradbách
Vystúpenie huslistu na kultúrnom lete
Kultúrne leto v Sade Janka Kráľa

The Mayor’s Award

The Mayor’s Award is the most important municipal award given to residents of Bratislava who have made an exceptional contribution to the good and welfare of the city through their activities and ideas. Candidates for the award are selected by the mayor based on suggestions from citizens. The nominations represent traditional Bratislava professions – especially those that often fail to attract wider attention.
The Mayor’s Award is organised by the BKIS in cooperation with the city.
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