City Museum

The City Museum (MMB), as a contributory organisation of the capital of the Slovak republic, documents and presents the history of the city.
The MMB consists of more than ten museum buildings and exhibitions, including the City History Museum in the Old City Hall, at Devín Castle, the Museum of Weaponry in the Michalská veža tower, or the Ancient Gerulata exhibition in Rusovce.
Two of the recent projects are suitable for partnership with socially responsible companies or private sponsors:
    Virtual Gerulata – Preparation of attractive and interesting exhibition for visitors with the help of digital technologies. The museum is able to show visitors the long-destroyed military encampment of Gerulata and introduce the work of an archaeologist in an interactive way.
    Renovation of the sheltered workshop of the Radnička coffeehouse - The Radnička coffeehouse, which has operated in the Old City Hall under the administration of City Museum for just twenty years, has been attracting visitors from all over Bratislava thanks to the context of its creation. It is a training workplace of the Inklúzia civic organisation, which integrates the physically handicapped into the work process. The Radnička coffeehouse is also a sheltered workshop with its typical atmosphere of experienced waiters teaching the physically handicapped to wait on tables. City Museum intends to renovate the interior of the Radnička coffeehouse in 2022 in cooperation with its operators.

Contact person for sponsors and CSR partnership:

Andrej Salner, MSc. Department of Program Planning and Cooperation