City Council of Bratislava, the Capital City of the Slovak republic is the legislative body of the local government. It is also the city’s parliament (the representative body of the residents of Bratislava), which makes decisions on all important citywide issues. It has 45 members elected by the residents of the city in direct elections for a 4-year term; the members form parliamentary groups. The borough mayors, but not the Mayor, may also be a Member of the Council


  • The City Council is in session as necessary, but at least once every three months (pursuant to Act of the Slovak National Council no. 369/1990 Coll. on Municipal Establishment, as amended).
  • Meetings are convened and chaired by the Mayor, are essentially open to the public and the venue is indicated in the invitation.
  • Any resident of Bratislava may present his or her suggestion, proposal or complaint at the meeting.

City Board

  • it is the initiating, executive and supervisory body of the City Council
  • it also serves as an advisory body to the Mayor
  • it coordinates boroughs
  • it has 30 members – It consists of 10 elected members appointed by the City Council from among its members for the whole term of office, 17 borough mayors and 3 deputy mayors
  • its composition shall take into account the representation of political parties, political movements and independent members of the City Council


  • these are advisory, initiating and supervisory bodies of the Municipal Council
  • they consist of members of the City Council and other persons appointed by the City Council
  • committees do not have external decision-making powers
  • they are bodies assisting to the performance the tasks of the City Council which determines their scope of work and to which they are accountable for their activities
  • their status and composition are regulated by the Article 15 of the Act of the Slovak National Council No. 369/1990 Coll. on Municipal Establishment