In the city, the bicycle represents an alternative to increasingly unsustainable individual car transport. The benefits of cycling are not only its environmental friendliness, but also its low space requirements and the improvement of living conditions for the city's residents.

Accordingly, an expansion of the network of cycling routes is needed, creating the conditions for daily transport to work or school, as well as outside the built-up area for recreational and tourism purposes.

Cycling is a popular means of transport in frequent use in European capitals. In many cities cycling accounts for a significant share of total transport (e.g. in Vienna walking and cycling account for 30%), while in Bratislava this share is estimated to be only 1%.

It is a priority of the city to increase the share of cycling within its territory so that we can safely and comfortably use bicycles on a daily basis for transport and recreation and, last but not least, to improve the state of the environment.