ZOO Bratislava's mission is to connect the world of animals, people and nature through knowledge and positive experiences. With its high level of animal care, endangered species rescue programmes and quality education, it plays an important role in active nature conservation. 

Bratislava ZOO is a natural zoo covering 96 hectares at the foot of the Small Carpathians, where deciduous forest, meadow, cool valley and small natural water areas come together. Its commitment is to become an authentic wildlife embassy, i.e. a place where people can reconnect with nature, learn about it and protect it. With every visit to the zoo, visitors help to return animals to the wild and protect them in their natural habitat.

Bratislava Zoo is the most visited destination in Bratislava, with around 320,000 visitors a year. It first opened its doors to visitors on 9 May 1960 and is open every day of the year except for 1 January.

It cares for 1104 individuals of 185 species. Among the rarest are the Nubian adax, Visayan wild boar, Sumatran orangutan, Turkmen kulan, golden-cheeked gibbon, Liberian hippopotamus and Ceylon leopard. It is the only zoo in Slovakia where you can find chimpanzees, giraffes or rhinoceroses. 


  • enclosure for Eurasian wolves, opened in 2018, awarded the White Elephant Award for the best breeding facility in Czech and Slovak zoos
  • enclosure for red pandas with tree vegetation
  • forest enclosures for Carpathian fauna - European bison, European deer, mouflon, wild boar
  • primate pavilion for chimpanzees and Sumatran orangutans
  • enclosure for rhinos
  • bird aviaries



Zoologická záhrada Bratislava Mlynská dolina 1A 842 27 Bratislava


ZOO Manager Júlia Hanuliaková