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Surface of the popular cycle path between Železná studnička and Kačín repaired


The Urban Forests, in association with the city's Department of Road Administration, have repaired the surface of the popular cycle path that connects Železná studnička with Kačín.

In recent years, Bratislava's urban forests have become one of the most frequented recreational venues around Bratislava. In order to improve the recreational conditions, we are focusing, among other projects, on repairs to the cycle paths, pavements and asphalt roads. The systematic replacement of the surface is creating a comprehensive network of high-quality cycle paths in the forest park.

Marek Páva, Director of Urban Forests in Bratislava: "A lengthy section of the road from Železná studnička to Kačín has received a completely new surface this year. Here, cyclists and hikers can link up with the network of reconstructed roads from previous years, which will take them all the way to Biely Križ. In the forest park we have a complete network of cycle paths with a brand-new, high-quality surface.“

The asphalt road between Železná studnička and Kačín, which was in a state of disrepair, is a favourite route for many cyclists, but also for runners and walkers. On weekends, public transport line 43 also runs along here. Hence, the repairs to the road have improved both safety and comfort, including for bus passengers.

The cycle path with a total length of 3.3 km was repaired and received a completely new layer of asphalt. In addition to the surface repair itself, we have cleaned the shoulders and culverts along the road, which are designed to drain rainwater from the surrounding slopes. We have also cleared some of the deciduous trees from the surrounding area to allow the full width of the road to be used, while improving safety.

Jakub Mrva, Deputy Mayor for Environment: "Road reconstruction is extremely costly, and I am glad that we have managed to repair the surface of a route used by thousands of cyclists, runners and tourists. We continue to strive to make the Forest Park the highest quality sports and recreation area within our region.“

We select the sections to repair based on data from the Strava Heatmap app, which is used by athletes to record their activities. In the case of asphalt roads, the sections most used for cycling are prioritised for repair. In the future, we plan to repair other roads, namely between Snežienka and Kamzík, for which we have currently submitted a grant application to the Agricultural Payment Agency, and on the Lamač Klanec - Kačín route. We are also working on project documentation for the section between Železná studnička and Snežienka.

About Urban Forests Bratislava: We manage over 3,000 hectares of forest owned by the City of Bratislava. This includes popular places such as Partizánska lúka, Železná studnička, Kačín, Kamzík and Horáreň Krasňany. In addition to creating suitable conditions for recreational activities for residents, we also focus on promoting nature conservation, eco-education for children and a sustainable form of forest management.