PASS has additional improvements


The “PAAS” system of regulated parking in the capital has several new features. Among them are the new city application PAAS, the payment of parking fees via SMS and a new client centre at the O. Nepela Arena. The option of early termination of a parking ticket is also new.

PAAS is first and foremost about making it easier for residents of Bratislava to park where they live. Equally important for us, however, is that this system is as user-friendly as possible. We monitor the functioning of PAAS and, based on the data obtained as well as feedback from the citizens of Bratislava, we are gradually introducing several improvements. The latest package of changes is also about making working with PAAS as convenient as possible.

With the new PAAS city app, you can not only easily pay, extend or shorten the parking fee, you can also get the necessary support from the city if you don’t know how to deal with something.

Since the launch of PAAS in Bratislava, visitors to the zones have been able to pay parking fees through one of the already existing mobile applications of external partners. However, in order to make paying by mobile phone as easy as possible, and particularly so that we can provide the best possible support in case of problems, we are introducing our own PAAS city application, which simply belongs to the PAAS system. Our app was developed by colleagues from the innovation team and can be helpful in several situations: • You’ll find in it, for example, a clear map that automatically determines your location and also contains information about detected parking lots. • You can easily extend your parking tickets with it or terminate them early. Thus, if, for example, you go to the doctor or a meeting and you do not know when exactly to set the end of the parking ticket’s validity, feel free to choose a longer time even with a larger reserve, because you can end parking at any time and you’ll only pay for the parking time actually used. • The app also notifies you of any parking ticket expiring. • You can easily use it with a bonus or visitor’s card, including those of your relatives.

With the city application, you also have professional customer support available on the infoline 0800 222 888, via email or in person at client locations.

The application is available on Google Play ↗︎ and in the App Store ↗︎.

For those who do not want to use or cannot use apps, we offer payment via SMS. Simply enter the “parking section code”, the “number-plate of the parked vehicle” and the “number of parking hours” through an SMS (example: 2035 XX123XX 1) and send it to the number 2200. The price of parking via SMS, unlike payment via the application or parking meter, includes fees charged by operators. In regulated zones, we are gradually installing information boards explaining payment via SMS.

If you need advice on anything related to PAAS, we are opening a new, professional client centre at the O. Nepela Arena. In its pleasant spaces, colleagues will be happy to introduce you to the new PAAS city application, advise you on registration and answer any questions. We’ll be pleased if you stop by; you can find the opening hours at PAAS ↗︎ web.

“I know that parking regulation is not a popular topic and not all of us agree on it. After two and a half years of PAAS operation, we now know, thanks to the data, that it actually works, that residents can park more easily in their place of residence, and I am convinced that it is the right way to go. Thank you for all the feedback you have given us – we cannot implement all the suggestions, but we are improving the functioning of PAAS where we can, and we will continue to do so. I believe that the new PAAS application, the possibility of payment via SMS or better customer support are proof of this,” said Bratislava mayor Matúš Vallo.