Bývanie a ubytovanie

New rental flats to be built in a neglected area on Žitavská Street

The city is planning another construction project of a rental apartment building to be built on Žitavská Street in the Vrakuňa city district on the site of a former department store. It will provide 34 rental flats, with an adequate number of parking spaces. The project will also include landscaping of the surrounding area. The city has already completed an architectural study and the next stages will be to prepare the project documentation and obtain the necessary permits. The project is to be largely financed by the combination of a loan from the State Housing Development Fund and a non-repayable subsidy from the Ministry of Transport and Construction of the Slovak Republic.
The city has been working on expanding its housing stock with rental housing based on the Concept of Urban Housing Policy, as adopted. As one of its goals, Bratislava plans to double its housing stock by 2030, with at least 100 housing units to be completed annually. One of the ways to achieve this goal is to expand the city's housing stock by building its own flats.
The new project, which includes rental flats, will be located on Žitavská Street in Vrakuňa. The building will be constructed on a city-owned plot which is currently largely neglected. The city, through the former Society for Housing Development, intended to build rental flats on the site some ten years ago, but eventually abandoned the project. Bratislava is now following up on the idea from the past with a project that meets the current needs.
“The residential building on Žitavská Street includes 34 rental flats intended for applicants who are on the waiting list for a rental flat. It will be a smaller, simple block of flats, which fits well into the environment of typical constructions from the 1970s. The project also includes pavement improvements, pedestrian crossing debarring, public space improvements and the construction of parking spaces for the surrounding area. We have had a meeting with local residents where we presented the project and we will try to take into account a number of their comments, mainly related to parking,” says Lenka Antalová Plavuchová, Deputy Mayor.
The architectural study was completed by architects from SUPERATELIER s.r.o. The next steps will be the opening of a public tender for the selection of a designer who will develop the project for the next stages of project documentation and the necessary permits. The residential building is designed for flats with an average floor area of up to 52 m2, in order to obtain the highest possible share of the subsidy from the Ministry of Transport and Construction of the Slovak Republic.
Bratislava has also been developing other projects of urban rental flats. In the first half of 2023, construction will begin on Muchovo Square, while a housing complex is being designed on Terchovská Street, in Janikov Dvor, as well as in Záhorská Bystrica.