Development of the City

Mičurín now owned by the city


The Ekoiuventa area with its famous Mičurín swimming pool in the much sought-after part of Bratislava near Slavín and Horský park is finally owned by the city. This is a very important issue for Bratislava and a commitment on the part of the city to return this important public space, which has always been intended for children, to its function. In recent years, the surrounding land has been bought up by developers or private individuals with links to developers, and there was a risk that the state and the city would gradually lose the entire area.

"I would like to appreciate the approach and significant personal contribution of the Minister of Education, Daniel Bútora, as well as the Head of the Office of the Government, Michal Luciak, and the Minister of Finance, Michal Horváth, thanks to whom the difficult negotiations and official procedures were successfully completed. The entire Ekoiuventa complex will once again serve the people of Bratislava, and I am already looking forward to what will happen here in the years to come," says Mayor Vallo.

"This is really good news for Bratislava as well as for the Ministry of Education, which is based in several of the buildings, and with this settlement we will obtain a property relationship to the land on which our buildings are located, allowing us, for example, to take part in a number of EU-funded projects. This also serves as a good example that, in spite of a great deal of discontinuity, since this whole settlement was under consideration by the last three ministers, namely Minister Göhling, Minister Horecký and, finally, myself, it has now been accomplished. I believe that the city will bring life to the area, filling it with meaningful activities," adds Daniel Bútora, Minister of Education.

The city aims to revitalise the site with a swimming pool, amphitheatre and multi-purpose house and to create a space for social, cultural and community events, specifically aimed at supporting and developing children and young people.

The Ekoiuventa site, nicknamed Mičurín, has been a national cultural monument since 2016. It includes the Youth House, a stairway, a swimming pool, an amphitheatre and a multifunctional building. The socialist realism-style buildings were built in the 1950s. In the past, Mičurín offered many leisure activities for children. Many still remember the years they spent here not only at the swimming pool, the only one in the Old Town, but also in the greenhouses, workshops or in the building of the former Youth House. However, in recent years, people have only been able to pass by this unique space with a rich history at a distance. However, in the coming months this will all change!

Negotiations between the city and the Ministry of Education on the settlement of the land began back in 2021. Due to the municipal elections and later repeated changes in the post of Minister of Education, the material was presented at the June and again at the October City Council meetings, where the city councillors finally approved it. The city acquired the Mičurín site through a property settlement. It plans to revitalise the historic Ekoiuventa building, together with the adjacent area, in the locality acquired. The building is to be used as a leisure centre with a range of programmes and activities for children and young people, focusing on a variety of areas such as art, culture, sport, technology and other personal development. The revitalisation of the surrounding area, together with the swimming pool area, will in turn provide a pleasant environment for relaxation, leisure, outdoor extracurricular activities and cultural events for all. The swimming pool itself, managed by STaRZ, will add to the network of summer swimming pools and recreational and sporting opportunities available to the people of Bratislava.

The Ministry of Education acquired land owned by the city, which it is currently using, through property settlements. These are plots of land in Petržalka on Hrobákova, Černyševského and Ševčenkova Streets, on which the buildings of their educational institutions are located, with the city having the pre-emptive right over the land.