Essential major reconstruction of sewerage system starts on Vajnorská Street


The Bratislava Water Company (BVS) will start the first stage of the reconstruction of the sewage collector on Vajnorská Street on 20 August 2023. The sewers in this area are over fifty years old and their technical condition has deteriorated to such an extent that it is no longer possible to carry out even regular maintenance in several sections, as the entire sewage collector may collapse. The reconstruction, broken down into several stages, will entail a number of traffic restrictions, including a closure for vehicles in the direction to the centre, by Trnavské mýto. The reconstruction is from Trnavské mýto to Škultétyho Street. The operation of the sewerage system itself will not be restricted during the reconstruction.

"The reconstruction will be carried out from 20 August and, during the first stage, both lanes of Vajnorská Street travelling in the direction from Škultétyho to Trnavské mýto will be closed to cars. Trams in this section will not be restricted. Public transport buses will use the tram line as a default route in the direction to the city centre," says BVS's spokesman Peter Podstupka.

The first phase of the sewage collector reconstruction will continue until mid-December. Due to the non-standard position of the collector, located on the border of the tram line and the carriageway for motor vehicles in the direction to the centre, it is necessary to grout the subsoil in the first step in order to prevent damage to the tram line during the excavation works. This will require a technological break after the first two weeks of work to allow the grouting to harden.Accordingly, one lane of Vajnorská Street towards Trnavské mýto will be temporarily closed from 4 September. Once the reconstruction begins, both lanes will be closed once more from 10 September.

During the reconstruction, BVS will relocate the sewer to a new route that no longer crosses the tramway and will also renovate the water pipeline. The reconstruction will take place in four stages. The entire section will be reconstructed up to Kutuzovova Street. The construction works should be completed by the end of 2024, with the cost of the reconstruction of the entire route amounting to €2.8 million.

The ongoing modernisation of infrastructure in the region where BVS operates is possible thanks to the streamlining of the company's management and better organisation of the work; also, the adjusted water and sewage prices set by the Office for Regulation of Utilities and BVS have created the potential for a gradual reduction of the investment debt. In 2022, BVS invested more than 50 million in renovations as well as in the construction of new facilities, which is almost a sevenfold increase on 2019.

In addition to the above reconstruction of the sewerage system, Vajnorská Street will also be affected by the planned and essential reconstruction of the tram line on part of the Vajnorská Radial route, in the section from Kuchajda to Zlaté Piesky, which should commence in mid-September. These works will also entail local traffic restrictions. We will provide more detailed information in regard to them as well as on the progress of the reconstruction in the coming days.

_The BVS's core business is the production and distribution of drinking water and wastewater disposal and treatment. The company provides its services to more than 700,000 people from Bratislava, as well as from seven districts in the Záhorie region and in the surroundings of Bratislava. It supplies water to 97% of the population living in this area. It operates dozens of water sources and facilities, over 3,000 kilometres of public water supply and 1,500 kilometres of public sewage networks. _