Social Facilities

REPULS Centre for Children and Families

Centres for Children and Families are specialised facilities that work towards preventing crisis situations in families, protect the rights and reasonably protected interest of children. They also prevent the worsening and repetition of disorders of psychical, physical, and social development of children and adults.
They are established under Act No.305/2005 Coll. on social and legal protection of children and on social guardianship.
REPULS Centre for Children and Families provides specialised support and aid to children and their families in the form of stays or consultations.

Purpose of stay

Training in parental, communication, and social skills that parents or other individuals need to be able to take care of their children.
The purpose of the stay in the Centre is not only dealing with the housing issue of the family.

Part of specialised care

It is also about adjustments and maintaining relationships between the children and their parents. In many cases, the family environment is reconstructed. The Centre also deals with unforeseen crises within the families.


Address: Centrum pre deti a rodiny REPULS Budatínska 59/A 851 06 Bratislava
+421 2 622 500 35